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NOTE: If your RVibrake3 was purchased before 6/1/2020 your brake will need a firmware update in order to be compatible with Breakaway Wireless Adapter. Ship in your RVibrake3 to RVi and RVi will cover the cost of return shipping.

Contact RVi Support to begin the process 800-815-2159.

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It's just like magic!

The hardest part of installing a breakaway for any braking system is going
through the firewall of your vehicle’s crowded engine compartment. No
more! Breakaway Wireless Adapter for RVibrake3 eliminates the fight with
wireless connectivity. The first time you plug in your breakaway is the last.
You can relax as it connects automatically to your RVibrake3, every trip.


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No More Drilling Through Firewalls: Eliminate your painNo drilling through firewall

Because of Breakaway Wireless Adapter’s connectivity to the RVibrake3 from your towed vehicle’s battery, you eliminate the frustration of drilling through the firewall in your engine compartment. This saves time and difficult yoga positions under your hood and steering wheel. You can install the Breakaway Wireless Adapter in about 2 minutes versus 30+ minutes without it.
Wireless Connection: Plug it in once and it does the restBWA Wireless to RVi3

Breakaway Wireless Adapter is installed in your towed vehicle only 3-6 feet from your RVibrake3. This proximity removes interference issues, giving you a constant wireless link between the two that is always ready for a possible emergency. You no longer need to plug the breakaway into RVibrake3 every time you set it up. The first time you plug it in is the last.

Instant Feedback: When you need to know how your system is performingBWA Feedback

The multi-colored LEDs on Breakaway Wireless Adapter give instant feedback on proper installation and performance. And because the Command Center tablet comes with RVibrake3, you’ll be able to monitor that everything is going well and be alerted instantly of a possible catastrophic hitch failure resulting in a breakaway.
NOTE: The Command Center tablet comes with the RVibrake3 braking system.

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Weight: 1 lb 
Housing Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 1''
Wire Length: 3 ft. from the battery to the adapter.
Install Time: 2
Wire Gauge16 Duplex Wire
Warranty Length1 Year
Compatibility: Compatible with RVibrake3 firmware 65 or newer.

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Patented Technology
US Patent: 10994711

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