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RVibrake systems come with a Breakaway System, however, some people tow more than one vehicle or change towed vehicles and need an additional Breakaway System. 

The Breakaway System is the only part of RVibrake's system that requires some installation. The one time installation can take about 25-45 minutes.

The Breakaway System is designed to apply the brakes on the towed vehicle in the event that the towed vehicle becomes unattached from the motorhome while traveling.

The Breakaway consists of:
• a junction box
• wiring harness
• coiled cable

The junction box mounts on the front Breakaway on bumperbumper of the towed vehicle and the wiring harness is routed back through the engine compartment and firewall and then plugs into RVibrake's housing.

The coiled cable is attached to the pin Breakaway Lanyardinside of the junction box and the hitch of the motorhome.
If the towed vehicle comes unattached from the motorhome the coiled cable pulls the pin out of the junction box causing RVibrake to push on the brakes of the towed vehicle bringing it to a stop.


Weight: 2lbs 
Install time: 25-45 min.
Dimensions: 1.5" x 1" x 12'


Breakaway Installation Video

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