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12V Kit
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The 12-Volt Battery Direct Kit provides an extra 12-Volt outlet that
runs directly off of your towed vehicle's battery. It's inline 20-amp
fuse and 16 gauge wire provides consistent power for your
RVibrake when your stock 12-Volt outlet cannot.

12V Kit Design

The main reasons why someone would need a 12-Volt Direct Kit are:

Pulling Fuses
Pulling fuses

You have to pull fuses in your towed 12V Kit attach to battery vehicle to be able to tow it. This usually knocks out power to your stock 12-Volt outlet.

Disconnect Battery for Towing Disconnect Battery

Many towed vehicles now, have to have the towed battery disconnected for towing. This is very common in Ford and GM vehicles, though not exclusive.

Bad 12-Volt Outlet 12V kit front

Some towed vehicles simply have a 12-volt outlet that doesn't work. When that is the case the 12-Volt Battery Direct Kit is a great fix.

Weight: 1lb 
Dimensions1" x 1" x 10'
Wire Gauge16 Duplex Wire
Install Time: 25-45min
Inline Fuse: 20 Amp
Warranty: 1 year

What is the 12V Kit for?

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