RVibrake3 vs. the Competition

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What is "One-Touch Auto Positioning"?RVi3 Floorboard
All of the bigger brakes like the Brakebuddy, Blue Ox Patriot, and Roadmaster Even Brake have to be positioned by using the drivers seat. This requires a bunch of inconsistent seat adjustments and going back back and forth to check your brake lights until it's positioned properly. You have to do this every...time...you set it up to tow. The RVibrake3's Auto Positioning feature does the set up for you. Hook the RVi3 to the brake pedal, plug in the power, and push the Auto Position button....It's kind of magical...not unicorn magical...but close. =)

RVi2 pushing brake pedal

Why is Brake Pedal Response Time important?
If you boil an auxiliary brake for flat towing to its absolute essence, you need it for two reasons:
1) God forbid, a breakaway (the towed vehicle becoming detached from the motorhome).
2) Panic or emergency braking. Brake pedal response time is critical as most panic stops last about 3 seconds or less.
You can't have speed and power on the brake pedal when it comes to electric brake systems like the Blue Ox Patriot. Watch our video HERE on Air vs. Electric brake systems. If a towed braking system doesn't respond in time, you've missed the braking altogether potentially leading to major damage.

Why should I care about size & weight?RVibrake3-Patriot

This one is a bit more straightforward. Traveling in an RV requires a lot of equipment. The more portable, compact, and easy to use the better. Smaller means easier to store, handle and setup.

What is "True" proportional braking?Patriot in floorpan

Most auxiliary braking systems are proportional systems. However, this doesn't mean that they are truly proportional. A towed brake system is designed to activate the towed vehicle's brakes along with the motorhome's brakes to stop both as proportionately as possible. This prevents dragging brakes, as well as preventing the towed vehicle from pushing on the motorhome in a braking. When a braking system pushes up against the seat cushion the cushion can absorb the power that should be applied to the brake pedal. This is why the RVi3 pushes up against the solid surface of the floorboard, allowing 100% of the power to go against the pedal and giving us "True" proportional braking.

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