3 Things To Get You Started With RVibrake3

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3 Things To Get You Started With RVibrake3

1) CHARGE THE HUBPlug in hub

The first thing you want to do when you open the RVibrake3 packaging is to charge the Command Center hub for a minimum of 15 minutes.

The hub has an internal battery that lasts 10-12 hours when fully charged. Just like a smartphone, when the battery is dead, it must charge for 15 min to reach its operating power. You’ll know the hub is operating when the blue LED on the hub begins to blink.

2) POWER UP RViBRAKE3Plug in RVibrake3
To pair RVibrake3 to the Command Center tablet and hub, RVibrake3 must be powered. 

NOTE: You do not have to run the Audio Assistant’s prompts to pair.

3) PAIR RViBRAKE3Scan the QR Code
After step 1 and 2 are complete, power on the tablet and tap the RVi app to begin pairing. 
On the back of the RVibrake3 user guide, you will see a pairing code that is unique to your unit. To scan it, tap ADD DEVICE on the tablet and turn on RVibrake3. Follow the steps on the screen to complete the pairing.

Now go to DRIVE MODE to begin monitoring RVibrake3.

RVibrake3 Drive Mode