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When flat towing a car, your customer needs a braking system that works to get them on the road quickly and allows them to focus on their family and the memories they're making. RVibrake Shadow is a permanently installed brake, always ready and waiting to keep them safe in whatever RVing adventure awaits. With Tow-Mode Detection, once you install it, they never have to think about it again.

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No User Setup:You’re always ready for your next tripRVibrake Shadow Ready

RVers want to get on the road as fast as possible. The last thing you want is a braking system that requires setup and delays your start. Because RVibrake Shadow is a permanently installed braking system with technology called Tow-Mode Detection that recognizes when you’re towing, there is no user setup required. It’s always ready.
One Time Installation:You can install in under 2 hours Shadow Plug In 2 hrs

Traditionally, permanent installed braking systems take professionals 6-8 hours to install. RVibrake Shadow’s plug and play design allows installation to be achieved by you or an installer in under 2 hours. There is nothing to crimp, solder, or disassemble. Simply make the connections and go!
Built-in Battery Charging:This is not just a trickle chargerShadow Battery Icon

All towed vehicles are not created the same. With so many varying types, each one draws different amounts of power on the battery when in tow mode. The built-in battery charger is an on-demand system that not only trickle charges vehicles that have little draw but can charge up to 10 amps when there is a high parasitic drain on the battery when towing.
Instant Feedback:When you need to know how your system is performingShadow Feedback Diagram

The multi-colored LEDs on RVibrake Shadow give feedback on proper installation and performance. And because the Command Center tablet comes with RVibrake Shadow, you’ll be able to monitor when the brake performs and be alerted instantly of a possible catastrophic hitch failure resulting in a breakaway.

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Shadow Works with all Towed Vehicles
(Not compatible with hydro boost vehicles.)
NOTE: NOT compatible with '19-present Chevy Equinox or Ford Bronco '21-present.

RVi3 How does it work??
Brake Detection:It knows when you’re braking
Top View braking RVibrake Shadow
Everything is done through the RVibrake Shadow in the towed vehicle. Because there is no wiring or installation from the motorhome, it is compatible with all RVs as well.

RVibrake Shadow is activated by the same force that draws your chest forward in a braking, called inertia. An accelerometer in the brake measures these changes and knows when to push softer or harder on the brake pedal, keeping your brake pads from having excessive wear.

Terrain sensing software keeps RVibrake Shadow from being more sensitive downhill and less sensitive uphill, giving you accurate braking at all times.
Breakaway SystemThat part about the law
Breakaway Cable
Besides reducing your stopping distances, one of the main reasons to have a braking system for flat towing is a possible breakaway. This is why brake systems are required by law in 49 out of the 50 states and all of Canada. Should you have a catastrophic hitch failure resulting in a breakaway, the breakaway system will activate RVibrake Shadow to bring your towed vehicle to a safe stop.

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DimensionsShadow Box (4" x 3" x 1.25") Booster Box (6" x 5.5" x 2.75")
Reaction Time: 0.5 seconds
Installation TimeUnder 2 hours
Power12V DC, 4 amps max draw
Vehicle Types: We guarantee fit in any towed vehicle.
In the BoxRVibrake Shadow Box • Booster Box • Breakaway System • Hoses and Fittings • Cables and Hardware
Warranty: 3-years

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