Gratitude & Longitude

Latitude and Longitude

This is an unusual post for us, but it seems timely with all that's going on in the world. I am sitting on my couch next to my 6 year old daughter missing my insanely cool wife. She is in Newark taking care of my father-in-law (truly my 2nd dad). He was hit by a maintenance cart at the PGA Championship this week and shattered his hip. Surgery went well, God is good and he is a stud.

I tell you this because my wife's "escape" to NJ has made me more grateful for her. It reminds me of the incredible hole she fills. Maybe it's just that old "absence makes the heart grow fonder" thing, but I see things that I wouldn't get to see otherwise with her gone. That's because I'm a peon trying to fill her huge shoes as super mom, and of course I have no shot. I see how my kids miss her soft touch, her leadership through the schedule, her adventurous spirit, and her attention to detail.

I think RVing at its best does the same thing for each of us. Then again, maybe it's not RVing at its best, its when we're at our best. We often say to ourselves, "I can't wait to get away this weekend and forget about everything."  However, the best getaways remind us of what we love. Whether that's the great outdoors, stories around the campfire or the person next to us helping us enjoy those things. 

This is at the root of one of our slogans here at RVi, "Enjoy the Journey". We don't just make products because it's fun, and believe me it is; we make products to help people safely get where they're going, and to remember what they are grateful for along the journey.

Speaking of gratitude, thanks for being our customers. Let us know how we can help along your journey.


Happy RVing!